Welby Way Charter Elementary School and Gifted/High Ability Magnet Center

23456 Welby Way West Hills, CA 91307  |  (818) 348-1975  (818) 704-8726 (fax)



Welby Way's Teachers are dedicated educators that provide an excellent learning environment each day.  We are fortunate to have an experienced staff of professionals.  Our committed teachers continuously learn the latest teaching methods and standards to ensure our student’s academic growth.  All underlined teachers have a class web page to visit.


Christina Beauchemin, Claire McKee, Mrs. Sicam

1st Grade

Cory Potter, Theresa Gale, Edie Aitchison, Jody Weissler, Aimee Anderson

2nd Grade

Heather Lee, Kathy McNutt, Cindy Shaha,  Brandi Boyle, Cecilia Nevarez

Min Shin,  Randi Halpert,

3rd Grade

Jennifer Denne,  Suzanne Silverstein, Jennifer Blaine, Taya McLoud, Elyssa Liberman

Cindy Curley, Randi Halpert

4th Grade

Patricia Dant, Farah Hauser,  Jane Hassig, Clare Kearns ,

5th Grade

Wendie Slezinger, Elijah Whang, Ciana Tallas, Daneh Gallo, Jennifer Stern

Resource Specialist: Kerry Alvord